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These Automated Night Vision Cameras Keep Your Remote Sites Safe

Do you experience frequent copper theft at your remote sites? Are vandalism and break-ins an issue for your mountaintop facilities? Do you need a monitoring system with visibility to monitor your remote sites, even when you can't be there?

For remote sites, security is always a major issue. You can't possibly have someone there 24/7, and you can't afford to send a tech out to every site, every day, just to check if someone broke in. Even if you did, you would have no record of who caused the damage.

Having a camera to survey your site is an excellent start, but they can have limitations. Typically, security cameras are stationary and only catch whats going on in a limited zone of visibility. If your camera is pointed just a few inches off, you might not even see someone breaking in or damaging your equipment. Image quality is also an issue. Most security cameras provide grainy, black and white images during the day, and are nearly useless at night.

To best monitor your remote sites, you need a camera that provides a clear, crisp image - even at night. It must be responsive, meaning that it can sense motion and move to catch the target, while ignoring dust, bugs and other insignificant particles. This information would be useless unless the camera also had the capability to send data to a Remote Telemetry Unit which notify you if significant motion is detected.

DPS is on the verge of releasing a new line of security cameras, ranging in features, functionalities, and price. There's a camera fit for the needs of any site. The basic model can monitor conditions at your site such as weather as well as provide security for your revenue-generating equipment. More sophisticated models can track motion and are great to monitor vandalism, break-ins and copper theft.

Other features will include:

  • Pan-tilt-zoom.
  • Responsive to motion.
  • Real-time HD video.
  • Vandal-proof housing.

If site security is important to you, you can't afford not to have security cameras at your remote sites. You can't be at all of your remote sites 24/7 to ensure the safety of your site and the equipment and parts that go with it. With the new security cameras from DPS, you will have visual record of anyone that attempts to break in or vandalize your site.

Security Camera Diagram
The security cameras can interface with both your NetGuardian and your T/MON, and can be monitored through both web interfaces

Other benefits of security cameras include:

  • Copper Theft
    Similar to security issues is copper theft. Copper theft is a major concern for anyone with a remote site. With the PTZ Night Vision camera, you can have responsive visibility of your site to ensure that copper theft doesn't happen to you.
  • Remotely Help Technicians
    If you send a new technician to your site, the PTZ night vision camera will allow you to aid him remotely.
  • Check Site Weather Conditions
    You don't want to send a tech 4 hours to a remote site, only to discover it has been snowed in. With the PTZ Night Vision Camera, you can check the exact weather conditions of each site before dispatching a tech, saving you time and money.

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