Video: T/Mon Building Access System Overview

You don't need a separate security system to control access to your remote sites. You can control and monitor building access with a Building Access System (BAS) that integrates into your T/Mon alarm management platform. If you already own a T/Mon, why not put its detailed site security capabilities to use to protect your network from physical intrusions?

The BAS works with the T/Mon and NetGuardians in conjunction with entry control units (ECUs), keypads, and Proxy Card Readers to give you centralized control of access to your remote sites. You'll database personnel and access codes in T/Mon, just as you database alarm points. Your NetGuardians (or other local controllers) on-site will receive access rights and information from T/Mon and store it locally. At each door, an ECU will process entry requests, executing door control logic according to the NetGuardian's locally stored access data. It will unlock a door if a person is authorized or set an alarm for unauthorized entry.

Keypad and proxy reader support, let you control access of all personnel, even temporary staff, by assigning them one of the supported 1,600 user profiles. You can set access privileges for each user by site, door, date, and time.

And because the Building Access System logs all entries, you'll have a comprehensive record of all access attempts. What's more, if communication is ever lost, the local NetGuardian will log each action in non-volatile RAM and synchronize with the T/Mon upon successful reconnection.

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