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Would you know if someone accessed your site at 3:00 AM on a Sunday morning?

If you distribute physical keys to your sites, you can never be sure of when they are used. This puts your mission-critical infrastructure at an unacceptable risk. An advanced building access system gives you the power to monitor every entry at your sites - and the peace of mind provided by after-hours notifications sent to your mobile phone or pager.

Logging and Tracking Lets You Know Who's Accessing Your Sites After Hours

The powerful logging and tracking capabilities of a high-quality building access system will provide you all of the information you need to protect your remote sites. You'll be able to stop many threats before they affect your operations. If and when you do have an incident, you'll have invaluable entry logs for your investigation.

Monitor Your Outside Contractors as They Work

Even during regular hours, you need to know that your site will remain secure. As you know, this can be especially important when your company is working with outside contractors for repairs and equipment installations at your site. Because outside contractors are never completely under your control, you must be able to monitor their activity at your sites.

Limit Access for Outside Personnel with Access Rights that Expire Automatically

Good building access systems will allow you to create keycode or keycards for outside contractors in the same way that you would for your own employees. Contractor codes, however, can be programmed to "sunset", or expire at a designated time If an outside vendor will be working on your equipment for three days, they can be given site access during those three days - and only during regular business hours. If the contractor needs additional access, you can grant it at any time.

A Free Building Access Consultation Will Let You Sleep Better

Determining your site security needs can be tough. If you've got a busy job with a lot of responsibilities, you don't have a lot time to evaluate building access systems and survey your remote sites.

So why not get help from experts you can trust? DPS Telecom will help you survey your remote sites step-by-step, making sure you don't miss any opportunities to tighten your security - and give yourself added peace of mind.

A DPS expert consultant can help your figure out what building access system will most effectively integrate with your existing alarm monitoring system without overloading your budget. Our goal is to help you maximize your return on investment while minimizing your expenditure by finding you the right security strategy for your network.

Plus, because DPS Telecom is a leader in alarm monitoring as well as access control, you'll learn how integration into a single system can cut your costs and more effectively protect your revenue.

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