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Key Building Access System Features (Continued)

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9) Independent Door Control

Look for an access system that gives you the power to control each door at your facility independently. You might want to give many users access through the front door, but restrict access to a central area to just a handful of key staff. To do this, you must be able to control exactly which doors can be entered by which personnel.

10) Centralized Management

Imagine driving to a mountaintop site every time you want to change a code. From a single terminal with a single operator, you must be able to manage all of your staff access requirements. An access system that can be administered remotely adds to your bottom line by minimizing costly windshield time.

11) Video Surveillance

A complete network alarm management system requires more than just environmental and equipment monitoring. Security and personnel issues are also part of the complete picture. Video surveillance is especially useful when used in conjunction with a building access system. This will allow you to visually watch over your site. Video surveilance enables you to:
  • Capture images of unauthorized access in the event of theft or vandalism
  • Visually confirm who is at the door before giving them access to the facility
  • Visually confirm critical environmental conditions
  • Assist technicians at remote facilities

12) Web Browser Access

You need to be able to view detailed information about your remote site. Look for a building access system that has a built-in web-browser interface. With a web-browser interface, multiple users can view the conditions at a single site.

Fault-Tolerant System
Fault-tolerant systems store user access codes in multiple locations, allowing the system to continue to function when critical communication lines are severed.

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