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This entry control system gives you instant alerts and total logging

When it comes to remote site monitoring, there's one piece that is often overlooked: physical site security. You might have visibility of all your gear, but whats the point if you can't detect intrusions or review door access logs?

Intruders can be motivated by many things:

  • Stealing your copper
  • Vandalizing your site
  • Stealing your equipment
  • Terrorism / Corporate espionage
The BAS consists of an Entry Control Unit device, keypads, and card readers.

There are also more benign reasons to monitor door access:

  • Maintain logs for review after an incident
  • Keep track of contractors, new employees, and colocation tenants
  • Assess and optimize technician truck roll efficiency

Security cameras generally don't offer alarm notifications

Security cameras are an option, but are usually only helpful to identify the person who vandalized your equipment. Unless you have someone watching all your cameras 24/7, the likelihood of you catching someone in the act is slim to none. You most likely wouldn't even know that anything was wrong until an equipment alarm came in or a tech went to the site.

Traditional keys don't have any smarts

Traditional locks and keys provide some security, but their downside may outweigh the upside. For instance, traditional keys require new keys to be made each time you want to change the lock. Plus, it's easy to make copies of keys. As soon as you have changed the keys, someone could already be making and distributing copies of that key. And how do you even know if someone has entered your site? Without an entry log, someone with a copied key could easily get in unnoticed.

Purchase a system that works best for your network

Keyless entry systems solve the problems of both security cameras and traditional lock and keys. It's not enough to have a keyless entry system though. You have to make sure its the best for your site. When purchasing a facility access system, be sure it:

  • Integrates with your existing gear
  • Has 'plug n play' capabilities
  • Keeps an access log
  • Alerts you when someone accesses your site, whether permitted or not.
ECU LAN diagram
The BAS can be used with other DPS gear, or in Stand-alone mode.

DPS Telecom's Building Access System (BAS) consists of an Entry Control Unit (ECU), keypads, and card readers, and integrates with your existing DPS gear. View all your logs and alarms in one place and render history logs for both analysis and security. The BAS has both keypad and card-reader options, which are easy to install, program, and change. Traditional keys are a thing of the past.

Stand-Alone Mode

Don't have DPS gear? The ECU LAN now features "Stand-alone" mode. The ECU LAN can operate independently of other DPS gear using 32 access profiles databased via the unit's web interface. The ECU LAN can notify you of unauthorized access via email as well, so if a break-in were to occur, you would know about it and be able to take the appropriate action immediately.

If you have an existing card system, such as 26-bit or 37-bit Wiegand card readers, you can integrate the BAS and still continue to use your existing cards.

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