Remote Power Switch (DC): Ordering Options

The first DC PDU from DPS Telecom...
Deploy the Remote Power Switch DC at critical locations to switch on, switch off, and reboot equipment from miles away.

The first DC PDU from DPS Telecom...
16 port build version of the DC Remote Power Switch.

There are specific specifications for this PDU, but some build options are available:

Build Options for the Remote Power Switch DC: 8 OR 16 DC power inputs / outputs
  • 50-pin Amphenol connector for 16 discretes, 4 analogs, and 2 controls
  • 33.6 Telco modem for backup remote access
  • 1 RS485 expansion port for daisy-chaining additional switches
  • 1-Wire jack (RJ11) for external temp probe
  • 1 Internal temp sensor
66 block

66 block

A 66 block is a simple way to use wire-wrap connections with DPS RTUs. When telcos really want connections to stay in place, they use wire wrap. You'll simply punch down your alarm, analog, and/or control relay wiring to the 66 block, then connect the 66 block to the RTU using a standard amphenol cable (also available from DPS).