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UK & Scandinavia Product Launch A Success

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Graduates of the first UK DPS Training Class.

DPS Telecom & Chronos completed a whirlwind product launch in the UK. This launch included training, meetings and multiple alarm monitoring seminars. The alarm monitoring seminar took place in London and was attended by a wide cross section of major service providers (Cable & Wireless, Thales, Three, Trinity House, Neos Networks, Orange, T-Mobile) as well a number of consultants and engineering companies.

The multi speaker seminar focused on many aspects of alarm monitoring covering everything from the basics :What is monitoring, Why monitor, the key elements of monitoring…to more practical issues including real life case studies, product overviews, and a formal introduction to DPS as a company.

Chris Roberts, Business Developer and event orchestrator, said "The purpose of this seminar was to educate and provide insights into the world of alarm monitoring to better protect networks and revenue. I believe we did just that". Chris later added "Prior to this trip, the attendees and our customers knew of Chronos through our network frequency and timing expertise, but most didn't know much about DPS as a company. Now, they know why we selected DPS as our alarm monitoring solution provider."

Charles Curry, founder and Managing Director of Chronos commented: "We are extremely pleased to have discovered DPS Telecom. They're product range is an excellent complement to our existing portfolio and they're commitment to customer satisfaction and knowledge based client relationships fits well with our own philosophy and business model."

SNMP, LAN & Security were hot topics as many of the attendees were in various stages of migrating to new standards. After the formal presentation there were open questions to the presentation team as well as a functional hands on exhibit that showed alarm management hardware and software in operation. Being able to see user interfaces under operating conditions goes a very long way in demonstrating the execution of many of the topics discussed during the seminar.

Charles Curry (right), Managing Director is presented a plaque commemorating a successful relationship by Eric Storm, President of DPS.
Chronos is DPS channel partner for the U.K. and Scandinavia. The fit between DPS & Chronos spans company culture as well as a great product fit. In fact, there are many similarities between our companies, ranging from company size, age, growth history, client base and mindset. However, in our opinion, the most significant aspect is that Chronos is a full service company that specializes in support. DPS has very clear guidelines when considering channel partners and one of the first is that they must clearly understand the product line and have the passion to provide a high level of client service that our domestic clients expect.
"We are extremely pleased to have discovered DPS Telecom. They're product range is an excellent complement to our existing portfolio and they're commitment to customer satisfaction and knowledge based client relationships fits well with our own philosophy and business model."
-Charles Curry
"It's refreshing to work with a company that understands the importance of truly taking care of their clients long term interest as opposed to simply selling products. It takes a considerable commitment and investment to learn and maintain competency in a product line, and Chronos has done just that."
-Eric Storm
DPS Telecom
Recent attendees in a training class held at Chronos.

The 4 day training class curriculum was based on our domestic program with more emphasis on T/Mon Noc and our LAN based masters. Topics included: The basics of monitoring, T/Mon operation, T/Mon provisioning, SNMP, ASCII processing, NetGuardian installation & provisioning. Breaks were replaced with ‘tea time" in the U.K. version. The class was attended by: DPS equipment users, companies seriously interested in improving their network reliability as well as Chronos personnel (as part of the training & certification process).

Chronos LogoAbout Chronos: Chronos is a U.K. based company and business to business specialist provider and system integrator of technical solutions for synchronization, time of day and remote monitoring applications in telecom networks; components for RF equipment designers and GPS components and accessories for the communications. Charles Curry, their Managing Director, founded and chairs the International Telecom Sync Forum (ITSF) and sits on the steering group for the NIST based annual Workshop on Synchronization in Telecom Systems (WSTS); he has authored many papers on synchronization. In addition to their distribution and system integration activity, they have also developed "SyncWatch" a remote 24x7 probe that continuously monitors the quality and stability of a telecom network's synchronization.

Mac Smith - DPS Sales
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