Transaction Language 1 (TL1) Protocol For Remote Alarm Monitoring And Control

Transaction Language 1 protocol is the expanded name of "TL1 Protocol".

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Transaction Language 1 protocol is an older network alarm management protocol. It was one of the earliest to be "open". This greatly simplified the job of network managers seeking to completely integrate their monitoring systems down to a single screen. So long as all devices supported Transaction Language 1 protocol, they would be able to communicate. Today, shifts to new protocols and transports have put pressure on monitoring equipment manufacturers. Modern alarm masters must support modern protocols while still accepting alarms from the very large quantiy of deployed Transaction Language 1 protocol RTUs.

DPS Telecom offers TL1-based monitoring solutions that integrate both old and new monitoring systems. These monitoring solutions feature products for collecting alarms from TL1 devices, reporting discrete and analog alarms as TL1, and mediating other protocols, like SNMP, to TL1. This ultimately lowers cost by making older (but functioning) equipment relevant. The T/Mon LNX and the T/MON Slim are two such monitoring solutions that seamlessly integrate older TL1 interfaces with newer equipment.

Here, an alarm master with support for Transaction Language 1 Protocol monitors legacy TL1 Equipment.
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