Communicate Between Sites with this -48v VoIP Orderwire device...

How do your techs talk to the central office when cell coverage is poor? Do they boot up their laptops and start VoIP software? Do they simply do their best without any voice communication?

This new VoIP Orderwire solution from DPS is powered by your reliable -48v power instead of vulnerable commercial AC. This is critical, because a power failure is an urgent situation when you need voice communication the most.

You'll also get traditional orderwire functionality like hoot-n-holler and conference bridging. Even better, this VoIP device uses SIP 2.0 protocol, so it integrates with common VoIP equipment you may already have.

VoIP Orderwire
VoIP Orderwire is now available from DPS.

This new technology marks a significant expansion of the DPS product line, creating a great opportunity for one-stop-shopping. You can now order orderwire functionality right along with your alarm remotes - without the hassle of shopping around and sending purchase orders to multiple vendors.

Key Benefits of this new VoIP Orderwire technology:

Integrate VoIP Orderwire with DPS RTUs
This new VoIP technology is available as an add-on to DPS RTUs. To save your rack space and budget with a 2-in-1 solution, call DPS at 1-800-693-0351

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