"Use T1 to Extend Your Monitoring - and Deliver IP to Other Devices, too..."

NetGuardian 216T with T1
The NetGuardian 216T extends your LAN over T1...

Think about all your remote sites where you don't currently have Ethernet. It can seem very difficult or prohibitively expensive to monitor those sites because they don't have LAN connectivity.

Now ask yourself this easy question: How many of these sites either have a T1 connection or could get one at a reasonable cost?

If you deploy T1-capable remotes at each of these sites, you'll be able to bring those sites under your monitoring umbrella. A really good remote would even report alarms as SNMP traps and deliver LAN to many of your other site devices that need it.

That's exactly what the NetGuardian 216T will do for you. This industrial-grade RTU reports alarms over T1, and it will provide IP connectivity to your other devices because it has both a T1 connection and a 7-port 10BaseT hub.

The NetGuardian 216T eliminates the need for a network interface card that can cost many times more. We've heard of costs in the $20,000 range for LAN only - and those don't even include monitoring. With the 216T, you get the amount of network connectivity you need to manage your sites remotely, and you can locally give your techs network access in a very compact and cost-effective unit.

If you're like many companies and you have T1 interface cards left over from your last upgrade, you may be able to leverage these cards to really lower your cost of implementation. This is a great reuse opportunity for your equipment, and your technicians are already very familiar with the configurations and operations of your T1 interface cards. Simply plug the NetGuardian 216T into a T1 line, and after a bit of configuration, you have a working LAN.

The 216T also includes just-right capacity for your small and medium sites:

Being part of the NetGuardian family of remotes allows the 216T to leverage experience gained from thousands of network deployments on all 7 continents. That experience gives the NetGuardian 216T a field-proven design, including each of these...

Key Advantages of the NetGuardian 216T:

Find Out Exactly How the NetGuardian 216T Will Extend LAN to Your Sites with T1...
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