DPS Telecom Releases Updated NetGuardian 216T, Now With 4 Terminal Server Ports

Fresno, Calif. -- DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today that it has released a new version of the innovative NetGuardian 216T RTU.

DPS Telecom designs and manufactures monitoring systems for operators of geo-diverse networks, primarily phone companies. DPS equipment provides status alerts, known in the industry as "alarms", to the appropriate technician or dispatcher, accelerating repairs and maximizing service reliability for customers.

The new version of the NetGuardian 216T offers clients four additional terminal ports, allowing for increased remote access to switches, PBXs, and other serial-interface devices. "The extra ports are designed to meet the needs of DPS clients who require multi-port, remote serial access," said DPS Senior Engineer Mark Carberry. "These ports are key in reducing windshield time and expense by allowing by allowing our clients to effectively monitor and manage serial equipment from a T1 line."

Because the NetGuardian 216T supports both FrameRelay and PPP protocols over a T1 interface, it is compatible with a number of routers. The 216T also delivers LAN to up to 7 additional devices using its integrated network hub.

The NetGuardian 216T provides for a smooth migration from T1 to LAN. As the LAN expands, each NetGuardian connection can be easily switched from the T1 port to the LAN port. This eliminates the expense and hassle of purchasing and rewiring additional remotes and working with multiple vendors.

In addition to multi-port connectivity, the NetGuardian 216T provides 16 discrete alarms, 2 analog alarms, and 2 control relays. It also includes Windows Edit216T software, which allows operators to provision their NetGuardians remotely from their PC.

Firmware is also remotely updateable. "We provide free lifetime firmware upgrades for all remotes," said DPS CEO Bob Berry. "We believe it's important to enable our clients to monitor their network with the latest tools at no additional cost."

The NetGuardian 216T also offers multi-threshold analog alarm monitoring, allowing users to monitor analog values in real time. These can include battery levels, temperatures, humidity levels, and more. With these thresholds in place, operators will be automatically notified of potential network threats.

The NetGuardian 216T can report alarms via DCP or SNMP, with the capability to report to dual SNMP managers, including the DPS T/Mon NOC Alarm Management Platform. It also includes an internal clock synchronized to Internet Time Protocol, ensuring the most accurate time and date stamping for SNMP alarms and traps.

DPS is committed to rapidly developing new products to meet their clients' needs. The new NetGuardian 216T enhances monitoring and remote device management by combining the features of a DC-powered RTU, T1 translator, and terminal server functionality into a single rack unit. To learn more about this advanced RTU, visit www.DpsTelecom.com/216t_4ports .

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