Announcing the NetGuardian 216T: SNMP RTU with T1 Transport

The NetGuardian family has just expanded - introducing the NetGuardian 216T. If you want to monitor outdoor enclosures in remote areas without LAN, this new NetGuardian RTU is the answer.

NetGuardian 216T
The NetGuardian 216T is a hardened remote with all the tools you need to bring visibility to your outside plant. It utilizes T1 transport for its SNMP alarm reporting, as well as providing access to other LAN devices via its hub.

Like previous NetGuardians, the NetGuardian 216T supports LAN-based alarm reporting. But because the NetGuardian 216T also supports Frame Relay / T1, you can bring LAN to areas without Ethernet.

The NetGuardian 216T also has an extreme temperature rating (-22 °F to 158 °F, -30 °C to 70 °C) for reliable operation in outdoor enclosures. Its hardened design ensures that it will continue to deliver real-time telemetry under harsh conditions.

With a 1 RU design, the NetGuardian 216T gives you the ability to monitor sites which would not otherwise be technically or economically feasible.

An SNMP Alarm Remote, T1 Router, and Hub in a 1-RU Hardened Design

The NetGuardian 216T gives you durable, T1- and Ethernet-based, SNMP/DCPx alarm monitoring in a convenient 1 RU package. It provides 16 discrete alarm inputs and 2 control relays for remotely controlling external devices. The unit features 7 analog alarm inputs (4 general purpose, 1 for internal temperature, and 2 for battery feeds) plus support for an optional external temperature sensor. It also contains a 1-port terminal server so you can remotely access a serial device using Telnet.

With the NetGuardian 216T, you'll have constant visibility of your remote site, including cabinets and other small structures. And because the NetGuardian 216T has an integrated 7-port hub, you can bring 1.544 Mbps LAN to other devices at the site without purchasing a separate T1 router. This cuts costs and saves rack space.

The NetGuardian 216T reports alarms via SNMP (V1 or V2c) and can be used with any SNMP manager or the T/MonXM network alarm management system. It also supports multiple masters for disaster recovery and redundancy applications.

Because the NetGuardian 216T reduces nuisance alarms with alarm qualification times, your staff won't be desensitized by constant alerts. When a serious situation occurs, they won't be conditioned to ignore it. A real-time clock and Network Time Protocol (NTP) support ensure that you'll have accurate date-time stamping of all alarms and SNMP traps.

The NetGuardian 216T includes web browser support for monitoring and configuring, allowing you convenient remote access to the unit. It comes standard with a Windows-based utility that makes configuration and turn-up a breeze. This software allows you to create a NetGuardian 216T configuration file without being connected to the unit. You can then download that database remotely from a WAN, Ethernet, or serial connection.

Because the versatile NetGuardian 216T works great on both T1 and standard Ethernet, you can handle both outside- and inside-plant applications with a single product. This provides two key benefits. First, you don't have to buy different remotes for different applications. Second, dynamic network growth is much smoother with the NetGuardian 216T. When your network expands, you can easily transition to full Ethernet without having to replace your alarm remote.

And when it comes time to update firmware, the NetGuardian 216T makes it quick and easy. Updated firmware is available for free on the web, and the unit can be updated serially, or remotely via LAN or T1 WAN.

The alarms terminate via a convenient 50-pin amphenol. However, there is an optional wire-wrap back panel if you prefer that method of termination.

The NetGuardian 216T makes monitoring your remote sites a breeze - it's easy to install, easy to connect, and easy to configure, but provides complete visibility and control over your network.

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