Full Capabilities of the NetGuardian 832A

NetGuardian 832A
The NetGuardian 832A monitors 32 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, pings 32 network elements, controls 8 relays, provides LAN reach through access to 8 serial ports, and reports via SNMP or DCPX, e-mail, or pagers.

Versatile and Capable SNMP Alarm Collection

  • High Capacity: 32 discrete alarms (expandable to 176), 32 PING alarms, 8 analog alarms, 8 controls, and 8 serial ports
  • Reports alarms via SNMP or DCPX
  • Reports alarms to multiple SNMP managers or TMon Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • NEBS-Level III certified
  • 8 serial ports provide multiple user LAN-based reach through access to PBXs, switches, and any other device with a craft port or serial only interface. (Similar to terminal server functionality)
  • Alternate dial-up reporting path in case of primary communication path failure
  • Configure and monitor via Web browser
  • E-mail and pager notifications
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades
  • Free Windows-based utility for off-site editing and remote provisioning via LAN
  • Multiple customization and expansion options
    • Integrate with the Building Access System
    • Add sensors for temperature, humidity, etc.
    • Integrate site video surveillance into the NetGuardian web interface to help confirm alarms and increase site security.
    • The NetGuardian hinged back panel accessories provide alternatives for wiring your alarm points. Wire wrap, screw-lug terminations, and punch block are some of the wiring options available.
    • Multi-layer, multi-user, multi-privilege security system.

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