New RTU: NetGuardian 432 Offers A Simple Discrete-Only Solution For Medium Sized Sites

Do you need a high number of discrete alarm points, but a feature-packed RTU like the NetGuardian 832A G5 is overkill for your needs?

The NetGuardian 432 is a discrete-only alarm remote without all of the extra "bells and whistles" (like 10/100 Ethernet switches, terminal servers, analog channels, etc). It's a simple remote designed only for reporting contact closure alarms.

NetGuardian 432 Application Diagram
The NetGuardian 432 is a straight-forward RTU that lets you collect discrete alarms at your remote sites.

32 Discrete Points and 4 Relay Outputs for Complete Remote Site Visibility
The NetGuardian 432 was inspired by one of our clients who needed a device that was a cross between the NetGuardian 832A and NetGuardian 480. The NetGuardian 832 had more features than they needed, and the NetGuardian 480 had way more alarms than they could ever use at their sites.

NetGuardian 432 Front Panel
The custom NetGuardian 432 was inspired by feedback from a DPS client. The unit features up to 32 discrete alarms and 4 control relay outputs.

The solution to this problem was simple - a 32 point alarm remote without all of the extra features of the NetGuardian 832A. The DPS engineering staff was able to work with this client to create and design this new RTU that would perfect fit their needs.

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