NetGuardian 420: Ordering Options

The NetGuardian 420 back panel has dual power feeds for increased reliability, inputs for the discretes, analogs, and control relay outputs, a POTS/dial-up telco jack, a 4-port terminal server for remotely accessing serial equipment, and a 10/100 LAN jack for SNMP alarm reporting and email/cell phone notifications.

Selectable Configuration Options: Download complete list here
Real time clock (Up to milliseconds).
On board ambient temperature sensor and integrated battery monitoring.
Extended temperature range (-32 F to 140 F/-40 C to 70 C).
Power Input: -48 VDC nominal (-36 to -72 VDC).
-24 VDC nominal (-18 to -36 VDC).
Wide Range -24/-48 VDC (-18 to -72 VDC).
+24 VDC (+18 to +36 VDC).
D-Wire option.
10/100 BaseT Ethernet switch.
Single or dual power feeds.
Integrated sensor power supply: +12VDC or +24VDC @ 1 Amp maximum (3/4 GMT fuse provided).
Individual serial port 1-4 configuration: RS232, RS485, or 202 modem.
NetGuardian Expansion Models.
NetGuardian DX (expansion unit with 48 discrete points and 8 control relays).
NetGuardian DX G5 (832A model expansion unit with 32 discrete points, 8 analogs, and 8 control relays).
Selectable Configuration Options.
Control relays: none or 8.
Integrated 8 port 10BaseT Switch.
DNP3 Protocol reporting option.

Discrete/Analog Sensors transdot Discrete and Analog Sensors

Fuel tanks, battery power, lighting systems, and water levels are just some of things you need to monitor to keep your network up and running. Track changing network conditions with these discrete & analog sensors.

Wire-Wrap Back Panel.

The NetGuardian 420's Wire-Wrap back panel allows for wire-wrap connections for the discrete alarms,
analog alarms, and control relays. (D-PK-WWADP)

Pluggable Back Panel.

The NetGuardian 420's pluggable back panel allows for screw-in barrier plug connections for your alarms and control relays.

BAS transdot

The Building Access System is a comprehensive building management system that integrates into an existing alarm management platform. With the system in place, a log of all site access, including the time of day and location that access was granted, is maintained. The BAS is the perfect add-on for our KDA and NetGuardian products.

bsu3 transdot Building Status Unit III.

The Building Status Unit III (BSU III) is a local alarm notification device. This an excellent device to use when personnel at the site must be made aware of critical, major, and/or minor alarms. The BSU III provides audible and visual notifcation of alarms through its integrated 3 alarm notification LEDs and an audible speaker signal.

66block transdot 66 block.

A 66 block is a simple way to use wire-wrap connections with DPS RTUs. When telcos really want connections to stay in place, they use wire wrap. You'll simply punch down your alarm, analog, and/or control relay wiring to the 66 block, then connect the 66 block to the RTU using a standard amphenol cable (also available from DPS).

power-supply transdot External 110VAC Wall Transformer.

The external 110VAC wall transformer converts commercial power to the DC power and termination required for your RTU. It is able to handle 110/220 VAC and depending on the build option, this wall transformer will need to be equipped with a WAGO, standard RIA, or locking RIA terminal end.

Expand alarm coverage as your site grows by adding NetGuardian DX Expansion units to your NetGuardian 420. With NetGuardian DX expansions, your NetGuardian RTU can scale to the needs of your site. You don't have to deploy new RTUs as your needs grow. You can simply add capacity as needed.

Remember that it's generally better to plan ahead when you can. Try to scale your initial purchase to your medium-term needs.

NetGuardian DX G5.

Expand coverage for your NetGuardian RTU

Add up to three expansion units to your NetGuardian 420 to increase total capacity to 116 discrete alarms, 30 analog inputs, and 28 control relays.

NetGuardian DX G4.

Expand coverage for your NetGuardian RTU

The NetGuardian DX G4 allows you to greatly expand your NetGuardian 420's discrete alarm capacity. Add up to three expansion units to your NetGuardian 420 for a total of 164 discrete points.

NOW AVAILABLE! The Netguardian DX G5.

Pluggable Back Panel.

The hinged pluggable back panel allows for pluggable connections to your NetGuardian's alarms, analog inputs, and control relays.

Wire Wrap Back Panel.

WireWrap BackPanel
The wire wrap back panel allows for wire-wrap connections to your NetGuardian's alarms, analog inputs, and control relays.

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