Key Advantages Of The NetGuardian 216T

NetGuardian 216T
Gain Visibility At Your Toughest Sites With This Hardened Remote...

Do your very remote sites need alarm visibility, but have no LAN connection? You know how important it is to maintain constant and reliable visibility at your outside plant. But you almost never have LAN access in very remote areas, and the harsh conditions there make it even more difficult to achieve real-time monitoring at your outside plant sites.

Imagine an RTU with integrated T1 transport that provides the SNMP alarm reporting you need where LAN isn't an option. What if you could bring LAN to areas without Ethernet, and effectively monitor sites where it would otherwise be impossible? You'd maintain total visibility - including all of your cabinets and other small structures. Plus, with an industrial temperature rating, that T1 RTU could handle the freezing to scorching (-22 to 158 degrees F) temperatures at your sites, keeping your monitoring online when you need it most.

The NetGuardian 216T is an RTU with an industrial temperature rating and T1 transport. And because it supports SNMPv1 and v2c, it can be used with multiple SNMP managers or the multi-protocol T/Mon NOC.

There's only one thing better than alarm monitoring over T1, and that's giving LAN access to other LAN-based devices at the site, too. There's no need to buy a separate T1 router - the NetGuardian 216T provides LAN access to other devices through its integrated 7-port hub. You'll achieve remote access to your devices where you never thought possible using the 5 terminal server ports.

Key Advantages of the NetGuardian 216T.

  • FrameRelay or PPP over T1 support for added versatility and responsiveness to dynamic network growth.
  • Integrated 7-port Hub Provides LAN Access to 7 Devices - Saves space, provides Ethernet connectivity for other equipment.
  • Remote access to serial equipment (available with 1 or 5 terminal server ports).
  • Reports alarms to multiple SNMP managers or TMon.
  • Support for SNMP v2c Informs, v2c Traps and v1 Traps permits robust message delivery.
  • Industrial temperature rating.
  • Firmware now upgradeable via LAN or T1 WAN.
  • Web interface: monitor without a master.
  • 16 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, 7 analog alarms (4 general, 1 temp, 2 batt) and 2 control relays.
  • Ability to expand to 160 discretes/26 control relays with NetGuardian Expansion Units.
  • Web browser support for monitoring and provisioning the units.
  • E-mail and pager notifications.
  • Free, lifetime firmware upgrades.
  • Free Windows-based utility for off-site editing and remote provisioning via LAN.
  • 2-Year hardware warranty.

Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 to find out how the NetGuardian 216T can get you the visibility you need at your toughest sites.

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