Monitor SCADA With RTUs

Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition Systems (SCADA System) describes the network of devices that give you mission critical information about your network as well as control over the network. For many industriesSCADA monitoring solutions are crucial network components, especially those that have remote sites and need wireless capabilities.

While there are several components to a SCADA system, the remote is perhaps most important. Choosing the right remote (RTU/PLC) is serious business, and you'll see key features to look for when talking to vendors. Today, RTUs are often chosen over PLCs because they provide more functionality and they come pre-programmed. Good RTUs for SCADA environments contain multiple digital inputs, multiple analog inputs, at least a few control relay outputs, and two data reporting channels (the second is used as a backup if the first fails).

Traditionally, protection of remote sites involves either a LAN /dial-up setup, with a protocol such as DNP3, or increasingly costly serial transport methods. With specialized WAN SCADA RTUs, you can now keep an eye on sites that were practically invisible before.

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