Network Monitoring - VoIP Order Wire

VoIP order wire is a "private phone system" for communicating between your remote facilities. Unlike traditional orderwire that used dedicated serial lines, VoIP uses LAN.

Good VoIP order wire systems include "traditional" features. These include "Hoot 'n' Holler" all-paging.

Take a look a specific VoIP order wire systems to learn more.

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VoIP Overview:

This next-gen orderwire product from DPS Telecom delivers voice communication at all your LAN sites - plus the monitoring you expect from a NetGuardian. Using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, you call another orderwire station, a select group of stations, or use the Hoot n Holler all call feature to page someone when you are not sure where they are.

Do your techs depend on their cell phones when working at distant sites? When cell coverage is poor, where will they turn in case of an emergency? Deploy this orderwire to achieve a reliable means of communication where you never had one before.

Plus, in the same 1 RU unit, you get an RTU with 16 discrete alarm inputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 to 18 control relays.

Each NetGuardian 216 Orderwire unit installs easily - just plug into your LAN hub. In just 1 RU of space, you can get rid of all those costly telephone lines and long-distance fees.

VoIP communication uses the industry-standard SIP 2.0 protocol and G.711 codec, making this NetGuardian even easier to work with if you are already familiar with VoIP.

The NetGuardian 216 Orderwire from DPS currently runs on reliable DC power: -48VDC. Another power option is 110VAC via an optional wall transformer. Looking for something different? To order your VoIP Orderwire with another power supply, chassis color, etc.,

VoIP Order Wire Tutorial

If you manage any number of remote sites, you already know that communicating between them can be tough. Cell phones lose signal in rural areas. Running a POTS phone line just for internal communication gets expensive fast.

This guide will teach you how to deploy an internal VoIP system between your sites. This solves both cell phone and dial line headaches. This superior communication channel can go a long way toward reducing your maintenance and repair expenses...


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