Telemetry Definition: What is telemetry and how is it used?

What is telemetry? The definition of telemetry is very broad, but it essentially means the use of remote telemetry units for automatic recording and transmission of data.

In a telemetry system, Remote Telemetry Units are equipped with sensors that allow them to collect physical readings at remote sites. These readings can be anything from dry contact closures to generator fuel levels. The automatic measurements taken by remote units, are then reported to receiving stations.

In an ideal telemetry system, these remote sources would transmit data they collected to a master monitoring station. The master station can then analyze, report, and store the collected data. A master station can issue alerts in real time, allowing technicians and administrators to respond to problems quickly.

The collection of data from remote units also allows software or personnel to review sensor readings before and during network events. Reviewing this data will help detect and diagnose recurring network issues. In general, a telemetry system provides visibility over your network by collecting information from remote sites in a central location.

Telemetry is very useful when it comes to maintaining high levels of system uptime. It's bad for everyone when a telephone or computer network goes down. Providers have to get everything back online (which costs time and money) and customers have to deal with a service outage. A telemetry monitoring system allows network administrators to detect network issues before they grow into service denying problems.

How Do Telemetry Systems Protect Networks Against Preventable Network Outages?

Network outages are often caused by relatively simple problems or malfunctions that have gone undetected. A piece of equipment gets frozen, the temperature slowly rises causing thermal shutdowns, etc.

Outages of these kind are easy to prevent if the underlying problem is quickly detected. A well designed telemetry system can provide this early notification. Your clients rely on your service and it is up to you to provide with them with the best experience. A reliable monitoring helps provide this level of service.

Every service provider wants to prevent, and ideally eliminate, service denying problems in their network. Sometimes all it takes is a notification about the issue and it won't take much to take care of it. Know when and where your sites are sending you alarm notifications and decide how you want to resolve the matter. Proactive telemetry is one of the best ways to really make your network reliable.

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Monitoring valuable equipment can save you a fortune down the road.

What Kind of Network Equipment Do I Monitor Under the General Telemetry System Definition?

In a general telemetry system it is recommended that you monitor any equipment that could impact service to your customers. This way, anything that's important to delivering service won't be so vulnerable. This includes

Going Beyond the General Telemetry System Definition

Telemetry monitoring doesn't have to be restricted to only the aforementioned applications. It's not uncommon for a company to have unique monitoring requirements that require a special solution. Telemetry equipment can be used in a variety of ways, to monitor any critical device or condition that really needs it.

What if I'm new to Monitoring Remote Network Alarm Equipment?

If you've never monitored remote equipment before, DPS can assist you. DPS Telecom's Sales Engineers have extensive years of experience in the field of telemetry monitoring. They've seen about every problem you might run into.

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If you already have monitoring equipment and would like help setting it up or configuring it, our Technical Support Team is always available and ready to help. Or if you would like more extensive training, DPS offers a week long, tuition-free, factory training course. This course covers every aspect of unit setup and configuration in addition to telemetry monitoring best practices. You'll only be responsible for your own travel and lodging expenses.

If you have a large team that needs training, DPS also offers On-Site Training and Turn Up Assistance. During this time, our trained technicians will provide training, configuration, and even custom engineering.

If you ever need help with monitoring your equipment, DPS will be there to help you along the way.

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