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The NetGuardian 216T.

Monitor and Extend Your LAN Over T1.

NetGuardian 216T
With FrameRelay/T1 support, an integrated 7-port hub, industrial temperature rating, and powerful alarm collection and reporting, the NetGuardian 216T can effectively monitor outdoor enclosures and provide Ethernet to sites without existing LAN.

NetGuardian 216T Benefits

  • Freme Relay/T1& PPP/T1 support for added versatility and responsiveness to dynamic network growth.
  • LAN access for 7 network elemtents.
  • Remote access to serial equipment.
  • Support for SNMP V2C informs, V2C traps and V1 trap permits robust message delivery.
  • Industrial temperature rating.
  • Firmware now upgradeable via LAN or T1 WAN.
  • 16 Discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, 7 analog alarms (4 general, 1 temp, 2 batt) and 2 control relays.
  • Web interface: Monitor without a master.
  • 24/7 Notification via email and alphanumeric pager ensures you will never miss a critical alarm.
  • Ability to expand to 160 discretes/26 control relays with netguardian expansion units.
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades.
  • 2-year hardware warranty.
  • 30-Day no-risk money-back guarantee.


The NetGuardian 216T is a powerful, compact LAN- and T1-WAN-based alarm collector that provides network managers with remote visibility of their network elements. With FrameRelay/T1 support, LAN access for 7 network elements, 16 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, 7 analog inputs (4 general, 1 temp, 2 batt), and 2 controls, this versatile unit is the ideal network monitoring solution for outdoor enclosures in areas without existing LAN.

When a problem occurs, the NetGuardian 216T notifies personnel with a complete status message. Notification types include SNMP Traps, text message, TCP text, T/MonXM, email, and paging through email. The unit also stores up to 100 events in its event log.

In addition to network and environmental alarms and controls, the NetGuardian also includes a 1-port terminal server, allowing remote Telnet access to an external serial device.

The NetGuardian 216T is easy to install, with connectors for all serial and LAN ports, as well as alarm, analog, and control wiring. A back panel with all wire wrap connections is also available for other installation options. The unit mounts quickly in either 19" or 23" equipment racks while occupying only one rack unit of space.

Provisioning of the NetGuardian 216T can be easily accomplished using any Web Browser or generic TTY terminal. This can be done on-site, using the front-panel craft port, or remotely via LAN, T1 WAN. The entire configuration is saved on the NetGuardian 216T, where it remains secure through power outages in non-volatile RAM.

Additional options include an external temperature sensor and a wire-wrap back panel for alternate connectivity options. The versatility and reliability of the NetGuardian 216T make it an excellent choice for both inside- and outside-plant operations.

Bill Young, Central Office Engineer, Consolidated Communications "It gives our technicians access to the network to check email, do testing, or look up records, and it saves time on truck rolls because now we can access it remotely."

-Billy Young
Central Office Engineer
Consolidated Communications
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