Alarm Monitoring - Where Do You Start?

Part 1: The Basics of Network Alarm Monitoring
Part 2: What Do You Need to Monitor?
Part 3: How Do You Monitor It?
Part 4: How Do You Monitor It? (Continued..)
Part 5: How to Plan Your Alarm Monitoring Upgrade
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You've just been put in charge of purchasing, selecting or recommending a new network alarm system for your company. Where do you start? What alarm equipment do you need? What monitoring features are essential, and which can you live without? How can you make sure your network is fully protected, without spending too much on equipment you won't use?

This White Paper is a quick guide to how you can answer these questions for yourself. This paper will NOT tell you, "Just buy this system and everything will be fine." Every network is different. A one-size-fits-all system won't provide the specific coverage you need and may cost more money than you really need to spend.

Instead, this White Paper will show you the right questions to ask. Before you can decide what alarm system to buy, you need to analyze your network and determine its specific monitoring needs. Figuring out what you really need your alarm system to do is your first step to designing a "perfect fit" system - one that's custom-designed for your network equipment, your available data transport ... and your budget, too.

The 3 Step Plan for Creating a Perfect Fit Alarm System

This White Paper will take you through the same 3 steps that you would receive from any professional network consultant:

  1. Survey where you are now: What alarm monitoring do you currently use, if any? What equipment do you need to monitor? What data transport is available in your network?
  2. Define your monitoring goals: What would your ideal alarm system - the alarm system that does everything you need and want - look like? Do you need 24/7 pager and email notification? Do you want to integrate several different alarm systems onto one user interface?
  3. Plan your alarm system upgrade: How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be? Is upgrading at once feasible and within your budget, or should you phase your upgrade over several budget cycles? What alarm capabilities do you need right now, and which can wait?

Start Here: Network and Remote Site Survey

Your first step to get your alarm monitoring upgrade rolling is a complete survey of your current network and remote sites. This survey will document your existing alarm monitoring situation, in order to build a road map for your upgrade.

In your site survey, you're looking for three things:

  • The equipment you need to monitor and the number of alarm points you'll need to monitor it.
  • The currently available data transport between your remote sites and your Network Operations Center (NOC) - the office where your alarm presentation master is located.
  • Any existing alarm collection and presentation equipment you already have. You may be able to save money by incorporating your existing alarm equipment into your new, upgraded alarm system.
  • Plan for your needs for the next five years. Your network and your monitoring needs will grow, and an alarm system that can't grow with them will be obsolete as soon as it's installed.

Now that you have the basics, let's head over to Part 2 and take a look at some of the network equipment you might need to monitor.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5: Plan Your Alarm Monitoring Upgrade
All 5 parts for easy printing

Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals by - December 17, 2012 - 16 pages
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