"Are You Concerned About The Status Of Your (Client's) Remote Site Battery Plants? Monitor Your Battery Cells (Voltage & Temperature) With DPS Telecom's BVM 48 G2. Set Your Thresholds And Receive Instant Alerts With This Simple, Easy To Install Solution..."

Do you know the status of your remote site battery plants? Would you know if one individual cell was falling out of its ideal voltage or temperature range? For a lot of companies, the answer is an unfortunate, "No."

This represents a big problem. As you know if you've ever had battery failures in the past, a single bad cell can damage the whole string if you don't catch it early. Beyond battery damage, you can have a site unexpectedly go dark if your battery plant is malfunctioning or even just fully discharged (empty).

But a lot of the traditional techniques for monitoring your batteries don't work. A simple voltage measurement for the entire string is much better than nothing, but it doesn't help you diagnose the health of each cell individually. If you're not monitoring temperature and voltage simultaneously, you can also miss a lot of preventable failures. And what about labor costs for wiring? You can't waste expensive man-hours on complicated wiring setups.

What you need is a battery monitoring tool that's capable of monitoring both voltage and temperature at each battery cell that's actually easy to install and wire up. It needs a clean, modern web interface, and automated configuration.

What you need is the BVM 48 G2. This new device is a 1U RTU designed to monitor your battery cell voltages for ultimate visibility over your power supplies. The BVM 48 G2 monitors up to two strings of 24 cells (48 cells total) and reports voltage and temperature threshold alarms via SNMP to your SNMP manager (or to your T/Mon alarm management platform).

BVM 48 G2 monitoring temperature and battery voltages for 48 individual battery cells (two strings of 24 cells each) in a string. Also view site's visibility with the built-in web interface. BVM can be configured as a NetGuardian expansion device too.
The BVM 48 can monitor the voltages and temperatures of 48 individual battery cells (typically, two strings of 24 cells each).

With the BVM 48 G2 you can:

While you can manually set voltage and temperature thresholds that will trigger an alarm notification, the BVM also sends notifications if a battery cell falls out of its normal (average) range by more than your desired percentage (ex. +/- 10% of normal). Your SNMP manager can issue periodic GET requests against specific cells, giving you both instant readings and trending to track battery cell voltages and temperature over time.

Wiring the BVM is made very easy thanks to D-Wire sensors. These compact sensor modules connect with simple RJ11 cables in a daisy-chain configuration (optimized to match the physical layout of a battery string). Only one sensor module is required per battery cell, monitoring both temperature and cell voltage simultaneously. D-Wire sensors are powered directly from the BVM over the RJ11 cable, so you don't have worry about providing external power to each module.

The BVM 48 G2 can mount in any 19" or 23" rack, and occupies only one rack unit of space.

The integrated Web Browser interface makes for an easy and convenient way to manage and configure your BVM via corporate LAN/WAN or the Internet. The user-friendly interface allows complete access to all functions and enables you to quickly set up alarm descriptions, view analog values & alarm status, configure automated email/text notifications, and more.

Receive alerts immediately regarding your remote sites' battery status and know when and where to fix the problem before it evolves into a bigger one. Features like the built-in web interface gives you complete visibility of your batteries status wherever a smartphone or PC is available and accessible to the Internet. Call 1-800-693-0351 or email sales@dpstele.com to find out more about the BVM 48 G2.

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