Battery Voltage Monitor: BVM 48

Battery Voltage Monitor (BVM) 48 G2(front panel)
The BVM 48 G2 monitors up to two strings of 24 cells (48 total cells total) and reports threshold alarms via SNMP.

Effective, easy-to-install, light-capacity voltage monitoring

This RTU was designed for one reason: Monitor your battery cell voltage and temperature for the best visibility over your power supplies. The BVM 48 G2 monitors up to two strings of 24 cells (48 cells total) and reports alarms via SNMP.

The BVM 48 G2 can report alarms to any SNMP manager and/or the DPS Telecom T/Mon LNX Remote Alarm Monitoring System. The device also comes standard with an integrated web interface that boasts several new time-saving tools. Menus load quickly and the alarm status updates automatically without requiring a page refresh.

Full Specifications

Battery Voltage Monitor (BVM) 48 G2 Back Panel
Back panel of the BVM 48 G2 - which offers a low-cost way of effectively monitoring voltage and temperature.

Full Specifications
Temperature Sensors 3 Integrated Analog Sensors (for external probe)
Temperature Thresholds 4
D-Wire Sensor Inputs: 4 chains with 12 sensors on each chain
Multi-purpose Analogs 3
Analog Input Range -90 to 90 VDC
Battery Cell Inputs 48
Analog Thresholds 4
Analog Accuracy: +/- 1% of actual value
Protocols SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, DCPx, TELNET, HTTP, Email
Dimensions 1.72" H x 17.026" W x 6.636" D
(4.4 cm x 43.25 cm x 16.85 cm)
Mounting 19" or 23" rack or wall mount
Power Input -48 VDC
Current Draw 50mA @ -48 VDC
Fuse 1/2 Amp GMT Fuse
Interfaces 1 RJ45 10BaseT Ethernet port
1 DB9 front-panel craft port
3 - 1/8 Stereo connector for external temperature probes
RS232 Serial Port
12 - 4-pin analog connectors for battery cell input
Visual Interface 10 Front Panel LEDs
4 Back Panel LED
Operating Temperature 32 - 140 degrees F (0 - 60 degrees C)
Operating Humidity 0%- 95% non-condensing
RoHS Yes (5/6)

Ordering Options

BVM 48 G2 with D-Wire
The BVM 48 is generally available in one standard configuration. You may choose any combination of D-Wire sensors. These specs apply:
Sensor Module: D-Wire Sensor.
Standard Cable Length (for 12 sensors): 8.33 feet between each battery.
Custom Cable Lengths: Choose exact cable length to connect back to the BVM 48 G2.


BVM 48 G2 setup
The BVM 48 G2 can have 2 strings and each of those strings can have 2 D-Wire sensors attached to it. Each of the D-Wire sensors can have 12 battery cell sensors, That makes the BVM 48 G2 capable of having 48 battery cells (over 4 chains with 12 sensors each) be daisy chained. By using this configuration 48 battery cells can be monitored by the BVM 48 G2.
D-Wire side view
Side view of the D-Wire sensor.
Maximum Allowable D-Wire Cable Length.
Sensor Nodes Max Length (ft).
1. 800.
2. 700.
3. 475.
4. 350.
5. 275.
6. 225.
7. 200.
8. 175.
9. 150.
10. 125.
11. 125.
12. 100.

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