Alerting Systems: The Essential 4 Features To Keep Your Network From Outages

Have you heard horror stories about the temperature of a server room steadily climbing, going unnoticed, until it reached a critical state and fried thousands of dollars of valuable hardware? Or even worse, have you faced your own emergency like this? One that you know you could have stopped...if only you had just known?

The right alert system is a critical part of any effective network. Without the right monitoring tools, a network is left vulnerable to overheating, power outages, and critical system problems. You cannot afford to leave your network exposed to these devastating and preventable problems, and that's why this guide was written - to arm you with the knowledge to protect you and your network from crashing and burning.

alert system
The diagram above shows a TempDefender IT monitoring device that will monitor temperature, humidity, and other critical variables so you can take the unnecessary risk out of your network

Here are the four essential features your network monitoring and alert system must have:

  1. Alert notification versatility - Your alerting system should give you multiple options for sending you the notifications you need when there's a problem. The system should have, at the bare minimum, at least two different alert methods. Your alert system should also notify you at home (via email, SMS text message, or voice alerts to your phone) in addition to within your internal work structure, because the next critical system problem doesn't keep standard business hours.
  2. Escalation list - An escalation list is a great backup plan. If your monitoring system sends out an alert to the first person and they're unable to respond, because they're too busy or too deeply asleep, the system will then notify the next person on the list. Your alert system should have an escalation list of at least 8 people that way the success of your network isn't depending on someone who stepped away from their desk for a few minutes.
  3. Hardware and Software Reliability - A cheaply designed system won't provide you with the stable monitoring your alerting system needs. The system should be rugged - you need industrial-grade hardware on an ultra-stable platform. After all, what good is implementing an alert system if it's not durable enough to even monitor your network?
  4. 7x24 tech support - You should never settle for anything less than tech support that's available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You never know when you'll need the extra support.

If your alerting system doesn't have these four features then you're exposing yourself to unnecessary risks and the huge frustrations that come with being unprepared for a network emergency.

How do I find alerting systems that offer me these features?
It's clear just how much your network has to be monitored. You can't stand the thought of knowing the damage from a mission-critical failure - the lost customers, the expensive repair bills - could have been prevented.

Now you know that you must avoid a monitoring system that has...

  • Limited alert notifications...
  • A small or absent escalation list...
  • Cheap construction...
  • Lousy tech support...

...because it will only lead to headaches for you and frustrations for your customers. The alerting system you choose must have these four essential features:

  • Durable industrial-grade construction
  • At least three alert notification methods
  • Quality tech support that works around the clock just for you
  • An escalation list with at least 8 people

How can I get my hands on an alerting system that provides these features?
You've made the decision to protect yourself and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having the best possible alerting system on your network. Where can you get the system that has the right solution for you, your business, and your customers? I recommend looking at DPS Telecom's line of networking monitoring solutions and alerting systems. The NetGuardian 832A gives you all the features you need.

  • An escalation list with up to 8 people
  • Industrial-grade powder coated metal chassis
  • Email, SMS text message, mobile smartphone web interface, and voice alerts to your phone (with the SiteDialer)
  • 7x24 top-tier tech support, because standard tech support isn't good enough for DPS clients

"DPS support didn't end with the sale. Your technical support personnel continue to answer our numerous questions and have been an invaluable asset as we implement new features and modify the system."
J. Hamann - Systems Engineer, NEXTLINK

Now that you're ready to get your hands on your very own NetGuardian 832A alerting system, call the DPS sales team at 1-800-693-0351 or email at to get you started on the path to network security.

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