T/Mon NOC DNP3 Master

The T/Mon NOC DNP3 alarm master integrates all your alarm inputs to a single platform, thereby enabling you to monitor and forward all your alarm data for numerous applications.

Take care of all your monitoring needs:

The T/Mon NOC DNP3 is the next generation hardware platform for the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System. T/Mon software never goes obsolete-because of its modular software design and new monitoring capabilities are continuously added to T/Mon to meet the real world operational needs of network technical managers like you.

T/Mon equipped to collect alarms from your DNP3 devices:

T/Mon NOC is capable of accepting DNP3 alarms. This is an essential aspect to the master as it maximizes your network uptime by notifying you anytime there is a problem with your SCADA operations. Such notifications will allow you to obtain the most up-to-date visibility of your SCADA network. By reducing your network downtime, you will be reducing customer churn.

DNP3 is crucial to your SCADA operations:

The DNP3 protocol standard defines several aspects of SCADA Master communications:

  • Frame and message formats
  • Physical layer requirements
  • Busy link indicator for collision avoidance
  • Data-link layer behavior
  • Time synchronization

Advanced DNP3 Master Will Support Multiple Protocols

An advanced DNP3 Master such as the T/Mon will allow you to combine your SCADA monitoring with all of your other alarms. This unique ability of bringing all your alarms into a single master will lower many of your overhead costs that are typically related with operating single masters.

What You Can Do With the T/Mon NOC DNP3 master:

The DNP3 Master will allow you to convert your DNP3 alarms into common protocols, such as SNMP, to forward alarms to a Master of Masters. As a multi-protocol master, the T/Mon allows you to monitor your other protocols in addition to DNP3. Imagine the savings you will incur, as there is no need to deploy several high-priced monitoring masters.
  • Track COS and Standing alarms T/Mon's Change of State (COS) screen provides immediate notification of new events in your network. You don't have to hunt to find out what has changed in your network - the COS screen lists it for you. The Standing Alarms screen displays all current alarms.
  • Support any transport you need If you need to support multiple transports, you need T/Mon NOC's standard LAN and 24 polling ports that can be configured for RS-232, RS-422/485, 212 modem, 202 modem, FSK modem, and PSK modem.
  • Increase Your Network Reliability by installing a T/Mon DNP3 Master Keeping your SCADA operations up and running at all times is essential to the smooth going of your business. The DNP3 Master will provide you with the SCADA site visibility you need. T/Mon NOC with the DNP3 software module is the answer to your SCADA monitoring needs.

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