DNP3 Human-Machine Interface (HMI): Presenting SCADA Remote Alarm Monitoring And Control Data For Viewing And Management

A DNP3 Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the interface between DNP3 Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) or Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and the end-user of a monitoring system. The DNP3 HMI mediates the Distributed Network Protocol messages from a RTU / IED into a format that enables a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) operator to manage the system.

A DNP3 HMI Serves as SCADA Master

A DNP3 HMI can also be referred to as a Master Station or DNP3 Master. Without a DNP3 HMI, operators are unable to work with the data collected by DNP3 RTUs and other devices within a SCADA system. The DNP3 HMI provides protocol mediation, which allows the operator to interpret the alarms forwarded by RTUs or IEDs.

The network alarms that are reported by the remotes are displayed in the DNP3 HMI for viewing and management. There should be a comprehensive list of all standing alarms. The network operator can then use the DNP3 HMI to work the alarm list, sending out technicians to service SCADA system components as needed.

DNP3 HMI Provides Important Historical Trend Reports

Processing data is one of the key functions of a DNP3 HMI. After analyzing data gathered from IEDs and other inputs within the SCADA operation, the DNP3 HMI can generate reports for the network operator. These reports can flag potential problems by summarizing the historical logs of alarm activity.

An advanced DNP3 HMI will often utilize a graphical user interface for the graphical display of alarms. This will generally include images of the entire SCADA system that can be scaled down to individual system components. This allows operators to use the DNP3 HMI to visualize the network as a whole when distributing technicians.

Deploy an Advanced DNP3 HMI to Monitor Your SCADA Operations

Your DNP3 HMI is of critical importance to your network reliability. Deploy only the most advanced technologies to monitor your SCADA operations. This will increase your revenues while reducing your customer churn.

The T/Mon NOC from DPS Telecom collects remote alarm monitoring data from lots of different equipment throughout many manufacturers and protocols. It then automatically sends detailed notifications and instructions to repair technicians by alphanumeric pager, cell phone, and e-mail. This master station can support over 25 protocols, many of which are not supported by other master stations, making it the perfect solution to your DNP HMI monitoring needs.

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