How To Make A Low-Cost, No-Sacrifice Transition To SNMP Alarm Monitoring By Bob Berry

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If you're moving your network to SNMP-based alarm monitoring, you've got a problem. How are you going to manage all your existing equipment that does not support SNMP?

You can't afford to just replace all your old equipment. You can't lose alarm visibility of critical equipment, either.

This white paper will show you proven, field-tested protocol mediation solutions that will integrate your non-SNMP equipment with your SNMP manager, without you having to spend a fortune on replacement or sacrificing essential alarm capabilities.

TL1 users face all the same issues of integrating legacy equipment. The protocol mediation solutions in this paper will also mediate legacy alarms to TL1 autonomous messages

  • Proven Solutions for Easy Legacy-SNMP Integration and Migration
  • Implement SNMP without Losing Visibility of Your Existing Non-SNMP Equipment
  • How to Mediate Contact Closures, TABS, TBOS, ASCII or Any Other Telemetry Protocol to SNMP Traps or TL1 Autonomous Messages