NetGuardian216T: The Versatile SNMP Remote With FrameRelay Or PPP Over T1 Support

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NetGuardian 216T
The NetGuardian 216T: Monitors 16 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, pings 32 network elements, controls 2 relays, provides LAN reach-through access to 7 network elements, and reports via SNMP v2c or DCPX, and e-mail.
The Intelligent RTU for Complete Site Management
  • FrameRelay or PPP over T1 support for added versatility and responsiveness to dynamic network growth
  • LAN access to 7 network elements
  • Remote access to serial equipment (available with 1, 4, or 5 terminal server ports)
  • Reports alarms to multiple SNMP managers or TMon Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • Support for SNMP v2c Informs, v2c Traps and v1 Traps permits robust message delivery
  • Industrial temperature rating
  • Firmware now upgradeable via LAN or T1 WAN (Now available without T1 WAN)
  • Web interface: monitor without a master
  • 16 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms,7 analog alarms (4 general, 1 temp, 2 batt) and 2 control relays
  • Ability to expand to 160 discretes/26 control relays with NetGuardian Expansion Units
  • Integrated 7-port hub- Saves space, provides Ethernet connectivity for other equipment
  • Web browser support for monitoring and provisioning the units
  • E-mail and pager notifications
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades
  • Free Windows-based utility for off-site editing and remote provisioning
  • via LAN
  • 2-Year hardware warranty

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