SNMP RTU Migration: G4 Vs. G5 Comparison

For NetGuardian 832A G4 users looking at substantial new deployments, you might want to consider migrating to the new G5 platform. This enhanced RTU gives you the same alarm capacity as the G4, but with many new capabilities. The G5 platform features increased processor speed (for a faster web interface), advanced hardware (more memory for features), and enhanced security options (like SNMPv3, hardware acceleration, and RADIUS authentication).

The G4 firmware is now in maintenance-only mode, whereas the G5 is actively being developed. This opens the door for many new features down the road. Also, since the G5 is newer, it will also feature a longer product life.

The migration path to the G4 couldn't be easier. The pins for the alarm, relay, and power connections are the same - so projects designed for the G4 will work fine with the G5. See chart below for a quick comparison:

NetGuardian G4-G5 Comparison
NetGuardian 832A G4-G5 comparison table.

Ultimately, the NetGuardian G5 RTU gives your network the latest and greatest monitoring technology. Watch the following video to learn more about new features found on the NetGuardian G5:

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