The Protocol - Mar/Apr 2000

NetGuardian - serves, protects your network monitoring needs

The NetGuardian, since its recent release, has kept our production facilities very busy. The demand for this product has been amazing. It is a powerful alarm monitoring unit that is perfect for your IP network. The NetGuardian collects vital site equipment and environmental alarms and reports them to your alarm center via SNMP or Telnet.

Who watches over your network? The NetGuardian. The most formidable alarm monitoring unit available.

With the NetGuardian, Telnet sessions can be established and connected to a target device to investigate a problem or perform corrective actions.

Its alarm sources can issue traps, send alphanumeric pages or reverse alarm points. Analog values can be specified for alarm notification thresholds. In addition, the remote stores its configuration in non-volatile RAM, to protect memory in a power failure.

The NetGuardian features upgradeable Flash firmware, an LCD display and audible alarms.

The NetGuardian - and all DPS products - has a two-year warranty. For more information, call today.

Do you have questions about the NetGuardian?
Give us a call at our toll-free number and talk to one of our specialists. They'll help answer any questions you may have.

Sales: 1-800-693-0351 * Support: 559-454-1600 * Fax: 559-454-1688

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