Small-Site RTUs

NetDog 82IP
NetGuardian LT
TempDefender IT
NetDog 82 BW
Alarms 8 4 8 8
Controls 2 1 3 2
Analogs 0 to 4* 2* 0 4*
D-Wire Sensors 0 0 16** 0
Transport LAN, dialup LAN, Voice dialup LAN LAN, wireless
SNMP SNMPv1, v2c SNMPv1 SNMPv1, v2c SNMPv1, v2c
Auto Dialer No Yes - Voice notifications No No
Email Notification Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No No Yes
Web Browser Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temp Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Backup Power No No No Yes
Approx. 10+ hrs.
Yes No No Yes
RoHS Approved Yes Yes Yes No
*Includes internal and external analog temperature sensors.
**Denotes number of digital sensors, not the number of D-wire ports