Medium Site RTUs

NetGuardian 216 G3
NetGuardian 216F
NetGuardian V16
NetGuardian 420
Alarms 16 16 16 20
Controls 2 2 2 to 18 4
Analogs 2 to 8 8 8 Up to 6
Transport LAN, Wireless,
Dialup, Serial
SFP Fiber, Gigabit LAN, Serial LAN, Serial LAN, Serial
SNMP SNMPv1, v2c SNMPv1, v2c, v3 SNMPv1, v2c SNMPv1, v2c, v3
Serial Ports 1 1 1 4
Email Notification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes No No No
Web Browser Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temp Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paging (dialup) No Yes No No
No Yes No No
RoHS Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes