Overview: NetGuardian 420

NetGuardian 420 remote telemetry unit
Designed those medium-sized sites in mind, the NetGuardian 420 offers "just right" alarm coverage with capacity between the NetGuardian 216 and 832A.

Do you have sites where a large-capacity RTU isn't necessary, but you still need advanced functions like a built-in terminal server? Those are exactly the kinds of sites for which the NetGuardian 420 was designed. Like a lot of networks, you probably have those "in-between capacity" sites that aren't exactly small, but they don't require a big RTU with capacity you'll never use. For those sites, consider this "just right" SNMP RTU.

This new NetGuardian 420 has 20 discrete inputs to collect alarms from a variety of equipment and up to 6 analog inputs for monitoring sensors, battery levels, generator fuel levels, and other important values. Plus, it has a built-in terminal server for remotely accessing serial equipment. This saves on all those costly truck rolls.

The NetGuardian 420 is the first RTU to fit between the capacity of the NetGuardian 832A and the NetGuardian 216. This new RTU is just as advanced and intuitive as the G5. This means you get an SNMPv3-capable RTU with RADIUS authentication and a 4-port terminal server, plus 25% more alarm capacity than the NetGuardian 216. When those sites eventually need more alarm capacity, expand your coverage with a NetGuardian DX Expansion.

Benefits of the NetGuardian 420

  • New! Updated web interface - now features faster refresh rates and analog gauges
  • Just right alarm capacity - In between the NetGuardian 832A and 216.
  • 4-port terminal server for reach-through access to operate equipment via LAN.
  • Serial port options include RS232, RS485, and 202 modem.
  • 20 discretes, 4 control relays, and up to 6 analogs.
  • Supports SNMPv1, v2c and v3.
  • Supports DNP3 (option).
  • Supports RADIUS authentication, HTTPS (secure web), real-time clock, and dialup modem options available.
  • Alarm capacity expandable via NetGuardian DX, just like the G5.
  • Alarm notifications include Email, pager, and text messaging.
  • 32 ping targets to verify network devices are always online.

See Real-World NetGuardian Applications

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