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How to Monitor Every Small Site in Your Network ... Without Breaking Your Budget

Think you don't have the budget to monitor your small sites?

Equipment damage and network outages happen at remote huts and collocation cages as well as central offices. And it's a lot harder (and a lot more expensive!) to drive out to an isolated remote hut to locate and repair problems. Learn more about the cost-effective NetGuardian 216.

NetGuardian 216 Alarm Remote Unit
The NetGuardian 216 provides exactly
the right capacity to manage your
small sites and reports alarms
using SNMP, TL1 or DCP over your
existing IP network.

NetGuardian 216:

  • 16 discrete alarms
  • 2 analog alarms
  • 2 controls
  • 1 terminal server port
  • SNMP, TL1, or T/Mon NOC

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