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NetGuardian ENV

The NetGuardian ENV combines an RTU with Building Access Support for the perfect, all-in-one, small site monitoring solution.

Build Options

Power Inputs -24 VDC nominal (-18 to -36 VDC)
-24/-48 VDC (-18 to -58 VDC) Wide Range.
+24 VDC (+18 to +36 VDC)
+12 VDC (+11 to +18 VDC)
Power Over Ethernet (POE)
Modem 33.6 K internal (Optional Build)
Discretes 6 alarms and 2 controls (Optional Build)
Analogs 8 (Optional Build)
D-Wire Support 1 built in temp sensor.

Accessory Options

D-Wire D-Wire Support
The NetGuardian ENV can support up to 15 D-Wire Sensors. Even if your site is small, the NetGuardian ENV can help you monitor site temperature, humidity levels and more.
HID Proxy Reader with Keypad HID Proxy Reader with Keypad
The NetGuardian ENV can support a proxy reader with keypad, such as this HID proxy reader. This gives you the capability to control building access with the use of key cards.

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