Netdog 82 IP Ordering Options

NetDog 82 IP G2
Notification types include SNMP Traps, alphanumeric & numeric pager and text message.

Ordering Options
NetDog 82 IP, -48 VDC
NetDog 82 IP, -48 VDC w/Analogs
Wireless Connection (GSM or CDMA)
Solar Power option
NetDog 82 BW

Discrete and Analog Sensors Discrete and Analog Sensors

Fuel tanks, battery power, lighting systems, and water levels are just some of things you need to monitor to keep your network up and running. Track changing network conditions with these discrete & analog sensors.

Discrete and Analog Sensors Optional External Temperature Sensor Probe

The external temperature sensor provides external temperature readings by plugging the sensor into the TEMP port on the NetDog 82IP G2's front panel. Part Number: D-PR-991-10A-07. Call 1-800-622-3314 or use the form below for more information.

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