Alarm Point Duplicator Screenshots

The Alarm Point Duplicator includes an easy-to-navigate web interface that boasts several monitoring and control tools. Menus load very quickly, and alarm statuses update automatically without requiring a page refresh. Look below for screens of the new setup wizards that make it easy to configure notification schedules and manage alarms.

The Alarm Point Duplicator Monitor Alarms Screen
Duplicate 32 alarm points - The Alarm Point Duplicator can duplicate 32 alarm points into two identical groups of 32 alarms (64 alarm points total) to send to separate alarm systems.

The Alarm Point Duplicator Edit Alarms Screen
Easy-to-Manage Alarms - Alarm points are easy to configure using the Alarm Point Duplicator's fast and intuitive web interface.

The Alarm Point Duplicator Notifications

Versatile Notification Configuration - Custom notification schedules allow you to control when you and your team receive notifications.

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