The Protocol - May/Jun 2000

New DVF-64 Features

The soon-to-be released DVF-64 Rev. B has a new auto-sync feature, which allows the DVF to interface with systems having only data and clock available.

The revised version is backwards compatible with the original DVF-64 and interfaces to equipment with or without a sync. This feature eliminates any questions of which version is appropriate for your needs.

The DVF-64 is a natural companion to the Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation Card (ADPCM) and FDO-1000 Order-Wire for digital applications. The DVF operates on the 64 Kbit overhead on a SONET ring or other fiber network. It breaks the 64Kbit digital stream into three logical channels: 32Kbits for analog polling (202 modem), 8Kbits for digital polling (TABS) and 24Kbits for Order-Wire.

The ADPCM converts the voice for Order-Wire into the 24Kbit overhead provided by the DVF-64. This breakthrough allows both Order-Wire voice and alarm system data to occupy the same portion of the digital spectrum.

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