UPS Battery Expansion For RTUs

UPS Expansion
Give your monitoring system true power independence with the UPS Expansion.

Your remote monitoring system must have adequate battery backup. You may be thinking, "But I alrady have battery plants at my remote sites." Whether you do or not, you really need to have a dedicated UPS battery just for your alarm remote to make sure that it can continue running no matter what happens with the power at your site.

That's exactly why the UPS expansion has been created. This device can be used with any DPS RTU to provide over 2 days worth of battery life. With the UPS Expansion you can give yourself a truly reliable and independent monitoring solution.

Benefits of the UPS Expansion

  • 60 hours of runtime
  • 6-8 hour charge time at -48V
  • Low power indicator
  • Works with +12 VDC devices
  • Occupies 1 RU shelf
  • Compatible with any DPS RTU
  • Can be used in conjunction with a wireless modem for the most independent monitoring solution possible
  • 48 VDC input
  • Optional Dual Power

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