UPS DC Hardware Accessory

UPS DC hardware accessory
Using this hardware accessory, you can easily provide critical backup power to your +12/+24 VDC RTUs.

The UPS DC hardware accessory provides power for any DPS RTU powered by +12 or +24 VDC. With approximately 11.6A/h (at 12 VDC battery capacity), this product is essential for sites where no other backup power options are available.

The device features dual -48 VDC power input feeds and two power output feeds. The first output feeds provides +24 VDC power (but is not battery backed). The second power output feed provides +8 VDC to +18 VDC and features battery backup. The batteries are charged within only a few hours when -48 VDC is applied to the second power input.

The unit is designed for industrial environments - housed in an aluminum chassis and powder-coated for scratch resistance.

UPS DC Solar
Provide critical backup power to your +12/+24 VDC RTU using solar.

Solar Option
The UPS DC hardware accessory also features a solar build option. Instead of dual -48 VDC power inputs, the second input feed can be supplied by +24 VDC from a solar panel. Battery charging only takes a few hours when using +24 VDC on the second power input.

Note: This device requires a minimum order.