Full Specs - Remote Power Controller DC PDU

The first DC PDU from DPS Telecom...
Deploy the remote power switch DC (8 port and 16 port options available) at critical locations to switch on, switch off, and reboot equipment from miles away.

Full Specifications
DC Input: Available with 8 inputs/outputs OR 16 inputs/outputs (WAGO and other connectors available)
NOTE: RTU build option not available on the 16 input/output version.
DC Output: 8 Amps per outlet @ 72 VDC
Interfaces: 1 DB9 craft port
1 - 10BaseT LAN port
4 Phoenix connectors (8 input/output version) OR
8 Phoenix connectors (16 input/output version)
1 4-pin WAGO connector for unit power
50-pin Amphenol connector for discretes/analogs/controls
33.6 Telco modem for backup remote access
1 RS485 expansion port for daisy-chaining additional switches
1-Wire jack (RJ11) for external temp probe
Control Relay Commands: On, Off and Reset (off-on)
Wire Gauge Supported: Minimum - 24
Maximum - 12
Web interface: Yes; supports HTTPS via SSL encryption
SNMP: v1 and v2c
Mounting: 19" or 23" rack mountable; 1 RU
Firmware Upgrade: Upgradeable via LAN or serial
TTY Interface: Yes, through from craft port, Telnet on TCP port 2002
Operating Temp: 32 to 140 degreen Fahrenheit (0 to 60 degrees Celcius)
Operating Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
RoHS 5 Approved: Yes
Family Name (for Ordering): NetGuardian 216 with 8 or 16 switch
Ordering Part Number: D-PK-216RP
RTU Build Only:
Discrete alarms: 16
Analogs: 4
Controls: 2
Internal Temp Sensor: 1