Overview: TempDefender IT

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TempDefender IT (front panel)
"Your server room guardian..."
Designed to protect your equipment rooms from unseen threats...
  • Small form-factor saves on valuable rack space
  • Plug 'n' Play design - Start monitoring in minutes
  • SNMP-compatible - Send traps to your SNMP manager
3D TempDefender
  • Receive 24/7 email notifications when environmentals cross your thresholds
  • 4 D-Wire sensor inputs (each D-Wire sensor port supports multiple "daisy-chained" sensors, with a max. of 16 sensors per unit)
  • Telco-grade casing for enhanced durability
  • Built-in web interface to monitor from any PC on the network
  • Monitor temp, environmental, and security conditions in your server room or data center
  • Private VLAN Support
  • Spring clamp connectors for easy alarm termination

Could you estimate how much money your company has invested in your IT server room or data center? How much is your network uptime worth to you? These questions might be difficult to answer, but monitoring your valuable IT equipment certainly doesn't have to be.

Meet the TempDefender IT
The TempDefender keeps tabs on all the environmental levels that affect your servers, phone closets, data centers, and other equipment locations. The 8 discrete alarms on the back panel of the TempDefender monitor your dry contacts, such as motion sensors, UPS, smoke detectors, flood sensors, AC and room entry. The 4 D-wire sensor inputs on the back panel allow you to monitor up to 16 analog sensors, giving you the analog capacity to keep on top of environmental conditions at your site.

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