TempDefender Applications

The Temp Defender reports via T/Mon, SNMP, the TempDefender Web Browser, and E-Mail notifications.
The TempDefender is capable of reporting discrete and analog threshold alarms a number of ways, keeping you in the loop.
  • Report to your T/Mon master, so your NOC personnel always know what's going on at the TempDefender's site
  • Send SNMP Traps
  • The Temp Defender's Web interface allows technicians to connect directly to the temp defender for simple configuration and monitoring.
  • The Temp Defender can also send email notifications, so you can keep track of alarms from your smartphone, laptop, or any workstaiton where you can access email. You can even acknowledge the emails by clickable link within the email notification.

D-Wire Sensors make running analog sensors painless.

D-Wire sensors are all powered directly from the Temp Defender D-Wire ports and support 4 analog thresholds (major under, minor under, minor over, major over). You can daisy chain these sensors together, up to 16 to a single TempDefender, in any configuration. Run 16 sensors (at a maximum of 600 feet) in a single chain or run four sensors from each of the TempDefender's D-Wire ports.

D-Wire Temperature Sensor

D-Wire Temperature Sensor

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