Do You Know These 8 Outage Statistics?

  1. 11% of all network outages caused by natural disasters.
  2. 62% of network downtime caused by natural disasters.
  3. 49% of outages are caused by human error.
  4. Telecom repair costs have increased by 133% from 1994-2002.
  5. 99.5% network reliability rate is equal to 216 minutes of downtime per month.
  6. 99.99% network reliability rate, is equal to 4.5 minutes of downtime per month.
  7. The ratio of how fast a bad reputation spreads to how quickly a good reputation spreads is 24:1.
  8. The average cost of disruption to wireless service, $4.8 million per hour.

What can I learn from these statistics?
Outages are caused mainly by natural disasters or human error. If you use a good network alarm monitoring system, you can prevent human error and swifly repair damage from natural disasters. This is important, because your reliability percentage can get shredded by even a short outage. Because bad news spreads like wildfire, you have to keep your customers happy by keeping your network online. The best way to keep your network online is to improve your situational awareness with a better alarm monitoring system.

Sources: 1,2,3, IEEE Computer; 4, U.S. Census Bureau; 5,6,7, Telephony Online; 8, Wireless Review

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