Microwave Frequency

Microwave frequency refers to any frequency value within the electromagnetic spectrum that is suitable for microwave data transmission. Microwave radio frequencies provide for the transport of all of your important microwave data.

Microwave Frequency Used for Telecom Data Transmission
Microwave frequencies are often used by telecommunications service providers to transmit microwave data. Though microwave frequency technology has become less popular due to advancement of cellular, satellite, and fiber transmission technologies, microwave equipment is often deployed as a cost-effective alternative to fiber at very remote sites.

Operators Can Choose Digital or Analog Microwave Frequency Equipment
Many operators find it too expensive to deploy new digital microwave equipment. As a result, they continue to use their analog microwave frequency equipment. This provides them with the most budget-friendly microwave frequency transmission by eliminating the need to purchase new equipment. By using the transmission devices they are already comfortable with, operators can maximize their data transmission efficiency. Other network operators choose to budget the expense of new equipment into their budget to utilize the more reliable digital microwave frequency. This format allows them increased data transmission, often making up for equipment expenses by increasing data output.

Regardless of what microwave frequency is used for your important data transmission, a network alarm monitoring system can give you the network visibility you need. With alarm monitoring, you can verify that all of your microwave frequency equipment is online and functioning properly. This functionality will help you reduce network downtime due to outages, enhancing your reputation with your customer base by establishing yourself as a leader in service reliability.

Network Alarm Monitoring Secures Your Important Microwave Frequency Equipment
Microwave frequency equipment must be monitored to ensure high-quality customer service. No matter what equipment you choose, you need visibility of all of these important devices. A network alarm monitoring system will give you assurance that your microwave frequency transmissions are sending smoothly.

These alarm systems will send you automatic notifications of transmission errors via pager or email. This will ensure that you are the first to know of any problems at any microwave frequency. You need to know that your mission-critical communications equipment is offline so that you can quickly remedy the problem, and protect your service reliability. Don't let you reputation suffer due to a preventable network outage, deploy a network alarm monitoring system and maximize your network uptime.

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