Live Video Surveillance Of Remote Sites

New Camera Available

Introducing the new Hikvision Night Vision Camera. Highly responsive camera with pan-tilt-zoom, realtime HD video and more.

NetGuardian SiteCAM
The NetGuardian SiteCAM mounts
nearly anywhere, and integrates
live streaming video over your
NetGuardian's integrated 10BaseT hub.

If you really want to keep control of your remote sites, there's just no substitute for seeing with your own eyes.

Maintaining the security of remote sites, especially collocation sites, is a never-ending worry. Your remote sites are isolated, no one's there - how do you know exactly what's going on?

Door alarms can tell you a little bit about the security situation at a remote site, but video surveillance will tell you everything.

If you have a video camera at your remote site, you can:

  • Capture images of unauthorized facility access (great for collocation buildings).
  • Visually confirm who is at a door before giving them access to the facility.
  • Visually confirm critical environmental conditions.
  • Assist technicians at remote facilities.
  • Check the weather status of remote sites (this can be a great help - imagine flying a technician to the top of a mountain only to find out it's snowed in).
NetGuardian SiteCAM Interface
The NetGuardian SiteCAM makes video surveillance accessible to any company by integrating live Web video with network alarm monitoring.

NetGuardian SiteCAM makes video surveillance easy

The NetGuardian SiteCAM mounts wherever you want it - on a wall, a desktop, the ceiling or a tripod - and connects directly to your NetGuardian 832A remote telemetry unit.

The SiteCAM uses the NetGuardian's own integrated 10BaseT hub to upload live streaming video over the Internet. You can view the actual live status of your remote site through the NetGuardian's Web Browser interface.

From confirming that the doors have been shut, to walking a technician through a corrective procedure, or capturing video in response to an intruder alarm, the SiteCAM gives easy, integrated video surveillance - without the cost of an expensive security system.

The NetGuardian SiteCAM offers a wide 45-degree view field and a focus range of 1 meter to infinity. You can increase the SiteCAM's viewing range even more by using the convenient remote pan and tilt controls built into the Web Browser Interface.

You can connect up to four SiteCAMs to your NetGuardian - and you can even monitor multiple cameras at once.

Multiple SiteCAM configuration
Configure your NetGuardian to display video from up to four SiteCAMs simultaneously.

NetGuardian SiteCAM integrates with your existing alarm monitoring

Because it's integrated with your NetGuardian, the SiteCAM makes video surveillance easy. You don't have to spend money or rack space on a separate Ethernet hub. The SiteCAM is a simple add-on to your existing alarm monitoring system, accessible through the monitoring interface you use everyday. You can shift to video surveillance without interrupting your other work.

And if you team your SiteCAM with the T/Mon Building Access System, you'll have live visual surveillance PLUS door entry control - all integrated with the powerful network alarm monitoring capabilities of the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System and the NetGuardian 832A.

Capture images as soon as intrusion happen - and receive immediate email notification

Integrating SiteCAM video surveillance with your NetGuardian alarm monitoring delivers another big benefit - your NetGuardian can immediately capture video images as soon as an intrusion or other alarm occurs.

By using the NetGuardian's echo alarms feature, you can configure the NetGuardian to activate the SiteCAM when an alarm occurs - an entry alarm, a temperature alarm, a flooding alarm, or any other alarm you choose.

If the alarm is triggered, the SiteCAM immediately captures images, and the NetGuardian emails the images, as well as a complete alarm description, to responsible personnel.

New SiteMON IP: Camera and RTU in one.

NetGuardian: Live Video Surveillance, SNMP Traps, Terminal Server Functions and more ...

SiteCAM live video surveillance is just the start of the NEBS-certified NetGuardian 832A's capabilities. Monitor alarms directly from the Web without a master ... access remote site equipment through terminal server ports ... get email notifications of every alarm ...learn everything the NetGuardian 832A can do for you.

See Full Specifications of the NetGuardian 832A

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