Battery Voltage Monitor: BVM 48

Battery Voltage Monitor (BVM) 48 G2(front panel)
The BVM 48 G2 monitors up to two strings of 24 cells (48 total cells total) and reports threshold alarms via SNMP.

Effective, easy-to-install, light-capacity voltage monitoring

  • Monitor 48 individual battery cell voltages, so you can see developing problems before they impact the entire battery string
  • Report alarms via industry-standard SNMP (v1 or v2c) to your SNMP manager, or the T/Mon alarm management platform.
  • Using simple RJ11 cables you can daisy chain up to 48 sensors
  • Use the built-in web browser to easily monitor battery voltages and temperatures from any PC on the network
  • Get very accurate readings (even over a small voltage range)
  • Track both instantaneous readings and historical trending with the analog logging feature
  • Alternate configuration: Integrate the BVM with a NetGuardian RTU to report battery voltages, system alarms, and environmental levels from a single IP address
  • RoHS 5 approved, for overseas clients requiring RoHS compliant units
  • E-mail and text message (via email) notifications
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades

This RTU was designed for one reason: Monitor your battery cell voltage and temperature for the best visibility over your power supplies. The BVM 48 G2 monitors up to two strings of 24 cells (48 cells total) and reports alarms via SNMP.

The BVM 48 G2 can report alarms to any SNMP manager and/or the DPS Telecom T/Mon LNX Remote Alarm Monitoring System. The device also comes standard with an integrated web interface that boasts several new time-saving tools. Menus load quickly and the alarm status updates automatically without requiring a page refresh.

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