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Mediate Your TL1 Alarms to SNMP

Before T/Mon:

Before T/Mon
Without T/Mon, you have to run a TL1 master side-by-side with your SNMP master, increasing the number of screens you have to watch.

After T/Mon:

After T/Mon
With T/Mon, you can mediate your TL1 and other alarms as SNMP traps to your SNMP manager, so you can see all of your alarms on one screen.

Are you running a TL1 master sideby-side with your SNMP manager? That's two screens to watch, which increases the chance that you'll miss an alarm. You have to train and pay multiple operators just to achieve basic alarm visibility.

T/Mon NOC collects alarms from over 25 protocols, including TL1, and forwards them as SNMP traps to your SNMP manager. Now you can see you entire network status from just one screen.

You also get all of the other benefits of T/Mon, including paging and email notifications, derived alarms and controls, text messages, trouble logs, and more. To learn more about T/Mon NOC, visit

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