3 Fatal Mistakes In Managing Alarms In Your Communications And Data Networks

... and How You Can Avoid Them

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Service reliability matters now more than ever. Research has shown that there are 3 main factors that cause customer churn:

  1. A better deal
  2. Service Reliability
  3. Customer service

You can "purchase" new customers through bundled service offers and promotional discounts, but they'll take their phone number and run to the next best deal offered by your competition if you don't provide consistent, reliable service.

After price, reliable service is what matters most to customers. Providing the most reliable service is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition. And Network Reliability Management is the fundamental tool for doing this.

However, most executives are bound to make three classic mistakes with their network reliability strategies. These mistakes can sabotage real value, preventing you from realizing the huge benefits from network alarm management and the reliability it can bring to your communications and data network.

This white paper will show you these three fatal mistakes and the secrets to avoiding them.