Ping Network Devices

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Ping Network Devices

Detect IP Device Failures with Ping Alarms

In this application, the network alarm management system pings IP network devices to confirm continued operation. If a device fails to respond to a ping, an alarm is declared. This provides immediate notification if vital, revenue-generating IP equipment like servers, routers, and gateways fail or go offline. Ping alarm functionality is essential protection for IP networks.

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What Do You Want Your Network Alarm Management System To Do?
  1. Monitor Every Part of Your Network
  2. Display Detailed Alarm Information and Instructions to Ensure Rapid and Accurate Response to Network Threats
  3. Analyze and Process Alarm Data
  4. Control Remote Site Equipment
  5. Manage Multiple User Security
  6. Automatically Dispatch Repair Personnel
  7. Provide Redundant Backup Monitoring
  8. Provide Centralized Access Control
What Are Other Companies Doing With Their Network Alarm Management Systems?
  1. New York City Transit's $141 million project to create an ATM/SONET network for the 21st century
  2. In-house monitoring improves reliability at Triangle Communications Inc.
  3. RT Communications Uses the NetGuardian & IAM to Bring Network Monitoring In-House